Invalid syntax error

I’m stuck here. Tried my best but couldn’t solve it


It is most likely an indentation error. Make sure to keep in mind of the space on the left hand side. Avoid using space, use a tab instead to manually give the space on left hand side.

Refer to below code and look at the space and the comment

def get_sensor_vallue: // new block
  # ''' Returns the sensor value.....'''  // remove this part OR add '#' in front as it is only a comment.
  try: // new block
     response = mybolt.analogRead(pin) // inside the block
     data = ...
     if data(data["success"] != 1: // new block
       return -999
     sensor_value = int (data["value"]) // outside prev block
     return sensor_value
  except Exception as e: // new block and same line as 'try'
    print(" Something went wrong...") // inside the block
    return -999

Indentation block means, the part of the code is inside the above condition. In C++ we use { } so we don’t get any such error in there. But python does not have that, so it is necessary to mind the gaps.

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Sir @akshayan.sinha This Is what I’m getting Now


See, you have used double quote " before ok and one quote after that.

Correction [“ok”] or [‘ok’] .