IOT Light sensor Project

So what’s my query or doubt is : How AO pin is a GPIO??, got tangled with this. help me out

@sanjaynh22 We have already answered a similar query in some other thread. Please refer to GPIO and A0 pins - #6 by sarthakagg105 for an answer to your query. Do let me know if you have any more queries regarding this

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As per my understanding with the course, A0 is an ADC(Analog to Digital converter) Pin and it also comes under the category of GPIO pin. So you can call the A0 as an ADC pin as well as GPIO pin. It is based on the fact that the quiz had a question, which of the following is a GPIO pin, for which A0 was the answer. Hope it helps you… :smiley:


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and could you also please verify this version of my answer?? :point_down:
The A0 pin has an ADC converter in it which reads the analog signal from LDR and the ADC converts this analog signal into digital signal, since it is a digital value and only GPIO’s can read digital values, A0 pin is also termed as GPIO’s right?

Hey! Thanks buddy @tejasvin.vimal , got a little idea on it :open_hands:

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@sanjaynh22 Yes you can say that.

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