IR Sensor Fritzing

I am using IR Sensor Module for my final project.
I am unable to find Fritzing part for the same.
Anybody can help me with a downloadable link?
It will be great help!
Thanks and regards
Tunir Das

It is already present in Fritzing software named as “fc-51”. Type IR sensor in the search box and explore it. You will find it there.

That gives a green colored Sensor.
I would prefer a blue one better because I am using a blue sensor physically.
also I downloaded fc 51(green one) from somewhere on the internet.
I blue one is preferable.

I hope you are talking about this sensor. What is blue or green in this?

All I have in Fritzing is this!

@prgtia Could you kindly link/attach the zip folder/exe file of Fritzing you are using.?
Or just attach a fritzing file with the component you sent a screenshot of?
That would really help!
Tunir Das

This is file in which I have attached IR sensor on breadboard:-
Hope you can download it.
If not available try downloading Fritzing again:- after login into your account.
It may be possible that you have downloaded Fritzing a some time ago and recently the software may have some changes.

Pragati Gupta

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Thanks a lot!

@tunirkv19, you can also use ( tool for drawing.

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Hi, why i can’t find it in fritzing? :pensive:

Do you mean IR sensor? Search ‘fc-51’ on fritzing.

still can’t :sob: help me

Try ‘line sensor’

thanyouuu <3 i found it

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how to download fc-51 on fritzing