Is it a Light monitoring system wireless or not?

I have a small doubt, was bolt gives the readings only when it was connected to the system or if we cut the connection between bolt and the system then also was it gives the readings?

it will give reading as long as the power is given to it in order to see what values we are getting or to know how the intensity of light changing we have to connect it to the system to view the recordings hope you got the point!!!

@neelimaiiits Your bolt wifi module only needs a steady power supply to work. Even if you leave the sensor with the plants connected to a power supply, be it power bank or mains, your readings will be uploaded to cloud and you may access those readings from anywhere.

no its not wireless you have to give power supply usng powerbank or any source

No, BOLT is not a wireless device. You need to connect it to a power supply through a power bank or through the voltage supply.
Hope you understood.

It is wired since it needs to get connected to power supply to read values

no it is not wireless,we need to sense the data without wire

The bolt module needs power supply to work and take the readings and send it to bolt cloud. You can connect it to a power bank and take the readings.