Is it possible to retake the certificate exam

Is it possible to retake the certificate exam if I couldnt get the minimum required score?

I think Yes, you can but before submitting your project check that you have provided correct and proper information in project, and links. Bolt IoT Team will check your submitted information in project, and links if they found any issue they will immediately contact you by mail.

Hello , @abhi2001
As per the given instructions you can give it only once per course access code.

  1. Please keep the ‘Course access code’ which you had used to get the training access ready with you. It is a 30 digit alphanumeric code. If you don’t have the code then please check the previous section of this training.
  2. The test can be given only ONE time. Please do not give the test if you have not completed the course or have not built a project/answered questions on

If you score less than 50% no certificate will be awarded.

Lokesh Agarwal