Is there any time limit for completion of course?

I want to start this training after my exams in the month of may, so is there any limit, that I have to do the course before a deadline?

@yuvraj.khatri107314 The training comes with lifetime access . This means that you can register today and start after exams. You can even start now and take a break in between during exams. You have full freedom. There is no deadline to start or complete the training.

Hi @yuvraj.khatri107314,

There is no deadline for the completion of the course. It is a self-paced course along with lifetime validity.

You can do it whenever you want.

hello!@yuvraj.khatri107314, so there is no time limit for completion of the course, once you buy it you can do it when you are interested in. but just remember to do it with all your might so that it will fetch you some result

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