Is ubuntu neccesary?

Can we not make projects with windows only?
I don’t have ubuntu , neither can install it…
All the commands are for it only why???

Incase you are not able access droplet ocean,then you have to install VMware and Ubuntu software .it takes some time to install but it is the perfect way to do projects .In training session we got a perfect class on this.

Hey @sur.sharma0197
No , ubuntu is not neccesary for building your bolt iot projects. Ubuntu is more resource friendly and fast as compared to windows. You can use windows if you dont have ubuntu you just need to understand the meaning of all the commands in ubuntu and implement it on windows (eg:- mkdir = make a folder, nano = create a new file) and then you can write the python code in notepad or any idle and save it using .py extension and you can run your project using cmd:- 1. install python package
2. using following code to run:- i) cd location_name ii) python
i have attached reference links which might help you


if we can get digital ocean, then there is not need to install ubuntu???

thanks, that’s helpful…

Brother, in upcoming projects we have to use linux command prompt in which way you can install ubuntu linux or can get access to droplet ocean …
If you got Droplet ocean then you don’t have to install Linux …

you can just download a python idle and go on by installing the necessary packages on problem with that…!

We can use only windows. Just install python IDLE and your projects will work just fine

its easy to program in online platform in[]…jst login with your email id

and choose the programming language you want to code then download the pakages you want…and parallely you can run the program and get the output easily