Issue in bolt device

can anyone suggest me how can I contact the bolt people,because there is an issue in my bolt device and no one is responding.i tried mailing em but no reply

Hi @skshreyas4,

Can you write your query in more details on forum ? What exactly the issue that you are facing with your Bolt device? Query on got answered within 1 working day.

when i plug it for the first time it works properly,both green and blue lights will be ON, after unplugging and then if I plug in for the second time the device was not turning ON both lights were OFF.I tried checking the data cables, they were working properly and even i checked the USB port and switch socket even they were fine,but BOLT Device was not turning ON all connections were perfect but still device is not turning ON for the second time.

@skshreyas4 Can you share a video of the issue you are facing? Please upload it to Google drive and share the public link of the video here. That will help us understand the problem in a better way.

thank you for responding
here is the link @PPV

@rahul.singh1 and @PPV guys please help me out

Thank you for sharing the videos. We are looking into the issue. We will get back to you on this latest by tomorrow end of the day.


I believe I had received your emails regarding this issue, and have already initiated the unit replacement process.

The replacement acceptance email was sent to you on Friday at 3:16 pm. For the email with the subject “sir,the bolt device which i have received is havin…”

Do check if you have received this email.

Also, our operations team will get in contact with you regarding the procedure for replacing the unit.

yep,i got the new bolt device,thank you @vinayak.joshi