Issue regarding Controlling led project

I am facing an issue regarding the led control project. When I click on the ON button, the led, with its positive terminal and the 330 ohm resistor wrapped around it in the 0 pin and the negative terminal in the GND pin, is blinking once meekly and goes off.

Here’s the .html code:

Bolt IoT Platform ON OFF

Need help asap

Hi @dan.lappisto22,

We see that you have not shared the code with us. Please share the screenshot of the code and the photo of the circuit connections so that we can help you out.

Please follow these Troubleshooting steps:
In case your LED is not turning ON/OFF below are some of the steps to troubleshoot what went wrong:

1: Go back to products configuration page and check whether the code that you have written is properly saved or not. If the code is not present, then again type the code in the editor and save the code.

2: Check your connection whether the LED is properly connected or not. Refer the lesson for the circuit connections.

3: Check on which pin the LED is connected. Make sure you have passed the same value in digitalWrite() function as the first parameter.

4: Make sure your API key is enabled. You can check the same by clicking on API icon on the left side of your dashboard.

5: Also check if you have linked the device to the product that you have created or not

hi @dan.lappisto22
Please check if u have connected the components properly. Also try replacing the LED as it could be faulty. If both are not the problem then please check the code. Also follow the steps as shown above

you can try these to solve the issue

  1. verify your code logic to control LED again
  2. you could try debugging by printing the values at certain positions by use of console logs in your code
  3. verify the connections again, make sure that the connections are not loose.
  4. try changing the LED with another one.

these could help you