Issue regarding new HTML and JavaScript courses enabled in IOT Training

Hello sir/ madam can anyone please respond is there any new change in the BOLT IOT Training course, Today I logged in and saw a new HTML and JavaScript courses were enabled in training which I have already completed. And my progress was also reset from 54% to 39% back again please let me know if anyone has the same issue, I request our Instructor to please go through it @PPV, If this is an update please let know sir. Thank you.

Hi @muddamr8

It happened with me also, no need to worry because Bolt updates new courses to enhance our skills.

Thank you

Hi @muddamr8,

We have replaced the text content with the video content and mostly all the topics are same as the previous one You will also get the same set of question in module test and final test.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Thank you for your concern sir @rahul.singh1. It just made the content more detailed to understand.