Issue while trying to link a device

So I bought my kit using cash on delivery and there was no issue until now , I cant upload code to it because I cant link it and getting this error

Any help will be appreciated thanks in advance

Hi @Username_Placeholder,

Can you please check if your device is visible in the Device Dashboard list and confirm?

It is not visible (Post must be 20 characters)

Hi @Username_Placeholder,

You must initially do the Wifi Setup for the device, once that is done your device will be visible on your devices dashboard. With that you will be able to link your device to the product

Kindly go through these links for detailed explanation for the Wifi Setup

Let me know if you have any other queries.

its already done and both the lights are glowing

Hi @Username_Placeholder,

Can you please share the email ID with which you had purchased the training.
And also the Bolt Device ID. So that we can check and get back to you.

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Bolt ID:Bolt14908047
Email ID:

Please help at the earliest Thanks in advance

Hi @Username_Placeholder,

I have linked the device ID BOLT14908047 to the email ID
You should now be able to view the device in your device dashboard list when you login to the Bolt Cloud using the same mail ID.

Omg tysm :heart: it is working now