Issues in accessing already purchased course

Purchased the Robotics & Arduino Development kit a few months back from Bolt IoT but can’t access the training or workshop classes now that was mentioned in the prospectous. I watched the videos on how to access the training classes from the Home page of Bolt Cloud using the e-mail account that I bought the training kit with but still couldn’t find anything about it other than my already existing training course on “Internet of Things and Machine Learning”. Used the QR code to scan and access the workshop program but unfortunately didn’t work.

Hi @neopadiyara
You will get a training access code for every training ,
kindly use the email and password you used to purchase and register the training you want to access…
This reference will help you : Instructions to access IoT and ML training
We have forwarded the issue to our support team ,
we are trying our best to resolve your issue at the earliest.
Thank you for being patient…

Lokesh Agarwal

Hi @neopadiyara We checked in the backend and found that you had made a mistake in the email id. It is submitted as

I have now merged it with the correct one. You should get access now. Do check and confirm.


I believe your issue seems to be now resolved. Kindly confirm