It is neccesary to connect wifi module to power on for collecting data at regular interval. ie can't it store data while not in power on mode and transmite data when get power on

it is necessary to connect the wifi module to power on for collecting data at regular intervals. ie can’t it store data while not in power on mode and transmit data when get power on …like in my case it was working fine well when I move with wifi module power on but while power off it doesn’t update at the interval and on power-on mode, it gives last data reading.


In order to collect data in your bolt module it is necessary to power and connected to internet on your bolt module to update the data in the cloud. you can connect your bolt module to a usb cable and connect it to a power supply to make it power on and it will work just fine and dont worry if the power is off at anytime as soon as the power is back the module will be back online if it is connected to wifi internet.
Let me know if you face any issues.
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The bolt device does not store data in memory, it directly transfers the data over the internet in real-time.

Also, there is no hardware device in the world that can store data when it is powered off. You need to power on the device somehow or the other for it to work.

The whole concept of Bolt IoT is to collect data and the name IoT itself is internet of things so the bolt module needs to be turned on for each and every project we make and the module needs to be connected to the internet for the collection of data to be monitored by the module. Hope this would help you out.

It is necessary for the Bolt WiFi module to be power on to collect the data. If the power gets off the previous readings will be saved and when the power is back it will continue taking the readings.


Yes. Bolt module needs to be powered on and connected to the internet in order to collect and send data to the cloud.

The data already received by the cloud will be stored permanently.