LDR(How to take input from 2 ldrs connected to same wifi module)

Hello ,
How to take inputs from 2 LDR’s connected to same A0 pin in wifi module.

Hey @sowmyaseetha99

First why are you connecting 2 LDR’s to same A0 pin. If you do that then you can’t get input of indivisual LDR’s as A0 pin will read combined output of both LDR’s & everything will go wrong so that’s not a good idea.

If u want to take inputs from 2 LDR’s what you can do is use Arduino with Bolt wifi module. As arduino have many analog pins which you can use to get indivisual input from each LDR. Then you can use Bolts arduino library for getting those inputs from arduino to Bolt wifi module & to Bolt Cloud.

Check out documentation Bolt arduino library

Still if you have any doubt or problem feel free to ask.