Led control query

after sometime my led stopped working even though the connections and code are correct
I even used a different led and resistor

Please check the program and make sure you are connected to the Bolt Cloud. Either that or the leds have undergone breakdown.

it’s totally depends upon wifi connection not working properly…same problem i had also faced…after checking i realised that wifi connection not working properly .and .LED bulb not working properly. … for avoid this problem you have to follow the steps: given below
1.you have use 2 mobile phone with highspeed internet…
2. On hostpot in 1st phone and turn on data also. and put the phone on the side.
3. now we have use 2nd phone…and open the BOLT application…
4. follow the step and instruction properly …
5. In last step we have to connect hostspot of 1st phone (NOTE: password are must be same as enter in 1st phone)
6.after this process bolt WiFi module works properly with two stable light blue and green
7. remove all recent app in 2nd phone and turn on airoplane mode then turn off…your 2nd phone single will refreshed … then turn on the data and open BOLT app then its works properly…you can try…its works

please check the code carefully.There might be some missing semicolons or commas .


Have you created any product that reads data on the same GPIO pin?

The behaviour that you are facing generally happens when you Turn the LED on on a pin on which you are collecting data using a product on cloud dashboard. By default the device will send the data every 5 mins and as it does so, the LED will be turned of while the device detects value on that particular GPIO pin.

To fix this, use the LED on a different pin.