LED glowing stable but no connection to cloud

My both the LEDs are glowing stable but still i m facing this issue. i also have nearly stable wifi connection.

If your both LEDs are glowing and is stable then your device setup is already complete.
You need not go for “add device” again.
Simply, on opening of the app, select the registered device shown as Boltxxxxx and you will be taken to the device page with whatever tasks you have assigned to it.
Revert if the issue continues!

even not showing any registered device.

actually i have registered it once… but unable to complete the registration. just i entered my wifi password and after that by mistakenly uninstalled the application. After that i re-installed again and from that this problem arises.

Clear the data of your Bolt app from app settings, switch off your Wi-Fi router and then Follow the steps bellow:

step1:Enable your mobile data and Open the Bolt app, enter the email id and password to login to your Bolt Cloud account. Once done, click on the GO button to login.

step2: Since you do not have any Bolt devices linked to your Cloud account, you will find the “NO DEVICES CONFIGURED” message on the screen after login. So click on the “ADD DEVICE” button which as seen in the screen below.

step3: The next few screens will guide you with the setup process. You can swipe left to get the ready button.

step4: At this point the App will Ask you to Turn On your device Location/GPS setting and also to Turn Off your Mobile Data.

step5:Once the location is turned ON, the mobile phone will automatically connect to the Bolt Module’s Hotspot.

step6: Now switch on the Wi-Fi router, click continue in the app and you have to connect the Bolt device to a local Wi-Fi Network which will be displayed by the app for you to select from. Ensure that the Wi-Fi operates at 2.4 GHz and Not 5 GHz.

step7: Click Connect once you enter the password. The bolt will restart and connect to the Wi-Fi chosen in step 6. You can verify that the Bolt device is successfully connected to Bolt Cloud by checking if the Cloud LED has come ON.

step8: On clicking connect the Next steps will link the Bolt to your account. Click on “SAVE” to link the Device to your account. Finally click on Done and it will take you back to your Home page.

Remove the device and Add the device again

Thank You @thomasjiji007 . It reaally worked.

IF your LEDs are glowing stable. it means it already connected with your wifi or internet .
1.) blue light stable its means it connected with your wifi
2.) green light is stable its means it got internet connection.
so you don’t need to connect bolt wifi module again its already connected
simply go back to your bolt app and in the above its show green dot its means its online.
simply tab on it.

follow the steps correctly as mentioned in the video
connect 5v to module and open bolt app in mobile
follow the steps given in the app.
connect to wifi to make ur module work on online mode

If your both LED’s are glowing stable but in bolt app its not showing means go to the bolt cloud account if your status is online then its is connected.