Light and temperature at the same time

can we measure light and temperature at the same time as they both use the same A0 pin?is it possible to measure both temperature and light while coding i gave variable name x to A0 pin now if i write the code for showing graph for both temperature and light will it work?
also can we plot two different graph at same time?

@d4dadwal According to me you cannot measure temperature and light at the same time because you will not be able to connect the LM35 and the led to the same A0 pin in the bolt wifi module

Hi @d4dadwal: It is not possible to get data from 2 sensors connected to the same pin of the Bolt WiFi module.

You can, however, interface your Bolt WiFi module to an Arduino, and get data from multiple analog pins of the Arduino to the Cloud.

The project below will give you an example of how to get multiple sensor data from Arduino to the Bolt Cloud via the Bolt WiFi module

Hi d4dadwal you can not take two different data from one single Analog pin in Bolt module as Both Temperature sensor (LM35) and Light Sensor in this case LDR give output in analog .

You can do it by using other development Board like Arduino , Raspberry Pi etc.
These development board has more analog pin as well digital compared to Bolt Module (Arduino has 6 Analog Pin and 14 digital Pin).

you can use these development board to connect many analog pin and send data to Bolt Module (using UART communication Protocol, Pin: TX and RX) and code such that it can work.