Light control system project

I am not able to do this project .The light is not turning me with this.

  • Check whether your bolt wifi module is on and is connected to cloud
  • Check your circuit connection
    Also can you share the code you’ve written for it here?

Ya connection and all is fine…

@ankitghodgire in that case share the code here

@sampatkumar.mca17can you share the screenshot of code and photo of connectons so it is easy for ous to find

while creating the new project check whether you changed the product type to output or not.

same first check the connection
then power the light checking the status of light coil is working or not.

Hi, please make sure that you have performed the below steps.

  1. Make sure all the connections are as per the diagram.
  2. Your device is connected to the cloud and both the blue and green line are stable.
  3. You have selected the correct pin and wrote the proper code for the same. Please do not confuse A0 with 0 pin.
  4. Make sure the API and device id entered are correct.

1.Check the connections i.e.,posistive terminal of led is connected to resistor
2.Check the program properly
3.Connect the bolt wifi module to cloud properly

These are the mistakes I made, I hope this might resolve your problem:

  1. Put the wrong port name while configuring. According to the circuit given, the LDR is connected to A0 and not 0.
  2. Used the wrong variable in the plotChart() function, i.e, put “ldr” instead of the “Ldr” had initially set it up as.
  3. Made a spelling mistake when typing “time_stamp”.