Light monitoring system faq

hi everyone ,

i have a question regarding the ,data that is being displayed on the bolt web .

it is like 1.02 thousand , what is the unit of that value

mean 1.02 thousand is volts or illuminance or some other thing ? .


Hello! chaitanyapudi, i too had the similar question,
but voltage cannot be 1.02k volt or 160V (my observation).
So, voltage across LDR must be calculated such that to give data in light intensity per area (lux or luminous flux) or just intesity (lumen).
And this data is uploaded on cloud.
Another thing that bothers me is, how do manufacturers of the module know that we will use only LDR on that A0 pin. And after all we didn’t write code to calculate the intensity.
Hence, the data we have seen must be 1.02 thousand miliVolt or something.

on increasing intensity of light, resistance decreases. So 125 cannot be ohm.

@chaithanyapudi Brother,the digital pins can only sense the difference between high and low voltage levels that is 3.3 volts or 0 volts as well as output the same i.e high and low ,but the analog pin is a bit different it can detect the values is steps i.e 0 corresponds to 0 volts and 3.3 volts corresponds to 1024 and 1.65 volts corresponds to 512 that is why when the light intensity over the LDR is maximum or in other words when the resistance is minimum analog pin reads maximum voltage and shows the value 1024.


@hkaushal41 1024 and 512 corresponds to the capacity of the module. How does it help us visualize the intensity of the light?