Link to share project

I have prepared my final project for submission and submitted for review. But i can’t find the link that will direct anyone to my project. I tried URL of the page but its not working.

Use the preview link for submission.

@swastishree10 visit the Bolt Project Submission page and then head iver to the project which you have made. Then follow these steps:

Once the project is submitted for review, click on the preview button, on the top right corner and select the Preview in new tab option from the drop down list.

When the preview is opened in a new tab, copy the link from the address bar, andshare that link wherever you want

Yes i have used that but that is not opening

Its showing sorry u r not allowed to prewiew drafts

Admin access can see your project. Dont worry.

Are you able to see the preview link? Do share the screenshot of the project page which is saying that

ok ok and m getting PENDING under my project… What is that for?

After the team reviews it successfully the status will change

Yes i can see the preview link from my laptop.

Have you given the Final Test?

No no, i just wanted to save the link for test, so i was worried

No don’t worry. The team will review it in sometime and you can give the Final Test in the mean time. After you give the link in the Final Test, the project will be evaluated

@vishalvats2000 Ok how can i know if they checked?

The status of the project will change after the project is evaluated

ok now its showing pending after checking it will change…Fine i will wait till its not evaluated…what can be the avg time?

@swastishree10 it takes a maximum of 1 week

@vishalvats2000 ok thank u

Once your report is viewed or graded after minimum required duration, the link will be public
(You can share with others and they can see).

@vishalvats2000 it has been a week and when now m sharing link its saying sorry u cant see the drafts…that means can i share this link in my exam or not??And also how can i share with any other this link?