Login/Register System

Hi, Can you help me with creating a Login/Register System.

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Can you describe what you want to achieve in a little more detail?
Try making you query in the following structure.
I want to do xyz
and having problems in abc
I have tried d e f

Hi, I want to make login/register system for my users. Can it be done in javascript ? If u already done it please share the code.Or you guide me I will try to make it.

It is possible but making it secure is a little difficult since you can’t authenticate on the server side.
For a simpler version, hash the password and username and keep it in the HTML has use the same hashing when the user clicks login button and verify if the strings match.
But anyone can just override it by using the developer console from their browser.

There is another way if you want to make your system very secure then you might want that.

Its required for a prototype/proof of concept. So for now security wont be much of a concern. Can you share a few links on how to proceed?

here it is http://codepen.io/anon/pen/PNjmGJ?editors=1111
pretty self explanatory, i have left the views change etc as an exercise to the reader

The above comment doesn’t mention anything about the back-end development of login page nor about the database in which the login usernames and passwords are stored. This would help in a more detailed way.

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