Lost access to the course

Ive lost my access to the bolt training because ive signed up using my Google account in past but now when tried to sign in there is no option for sign in with google account instead of that it says login with techable

Hi there , Ive purchased the Bolt IOT kit along with the course in 2019 i had completed 70 % of the course in 2020 and then ive started concentrating in my academics and other skill sets and now i got some leisure so i returned back to Complete the BOLT IOT training but i had lost my access to the course now because i had signed up with my google account when i tried to sign in for bolt cloud it is completely available but then when i tried to view my training it says that no training found in my mail id (for calrity ive attached the screenshot below ) so i tried login in (https://sso.teachable.com/secure/278090/identity/login) BOLT training but there is no option Sign in using Google account so can you please help me out or let me know whether can i have access to my course again because when i bought the Kit BOLT assured me with life time course access.

                                                Thanks in advance.  

Mail: guru.vikram.399@gmail.com


I’ll update you regarding this by tomorrow EOD.

Hi @guru.vikram.399 You can simply log in at https://trainings.boltiot.com/, click on login and then click on forgot password. I see that your account is present with the email id guru.vikram.399@gmail.com

Use this same email Id when you click on forgot password and then reset the password. Once done, you can then access the training with the above email id and the password you set.

Thank you So much Ashwin you have no idea how much this means to me we were in a hurry to create a project using BOLT but because of this issue we’ve started thinking about other ideas I really appreciate it once again Thank you soo much!!:heart:

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