Mailgun Email errors

when executed the problem message says :
‘from’ parameters is not a valid address. please check documentation

Hello! I think the problem is in your conf file,check your SENDER_EMAIL address once.

i think recheck all ur paramters carefully…

is ur temperature printing right in celsius?

check 1.sandbox_URL (domain)=given at dashboard of mailgun
2.Sender address=test@sandbox_URL
3.recipient email address= your email ID
After that code will run smoothly :smiley:

Check this link out. It shows step by step on how to send mail through the mailgun API, It even has many screenshots attached with it so that it can be easy to follow.

Link : :arrow_double_down:

If this still didn’t rectify your error then please let me know!


Hi everyone… !
I am too facing the same problem please can one who solved this problem post it here .