Mailgun error.Cannot a subdomain

I guess we need to create our own domain rather than test sandbox url they provided.
but cannot create an another domain without upgrading mailgun an sharing card details

No, that url works fine!!..Have u registered your number in which you intend to receive Sms.
Also you need to choose one of Maligun Numbers that will act as a sender.

Didn’t get it Mailgun is for sending email right?
What sms and phone no. has to do with it?

sorry brother :sweat_smile: I didnt realize it.

Yeah for mailgun it works with that domain url…Did u create a API key at Mailgun?

Also bro the screenshots that are shared in the course won’t match because maybe mailgun updated their site…but that domain url will work for you …the one visible in your screenshot…

Go to the Overview option under Sending below Dashboard
And select Api and then your language Python-----you will get your Api key
check the image below

Yes bro i m using the Api key and url through this process itself.
But have u seen the first screen shot i have posted
It is mentioning me that url is only for test purpose only and need to add ur own domain.

Like this is my program

Ignore the variable used(i.e used for twilio).I have used the same variable in main program and program runs and collect data fine.But the error occurs when sending email through mailgun.Do i needed to do any extra steps while setuping mailgun even fter receiving Api and URL.

bro first u need to remove this screenshot of yours…Dont public your API_KEY and DEVICE_ID. It can be misused by anyone…

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@vinchurkarsanket608 Bro I got problem solved!! :smiley:

You have to use the same email to receive an Alert that you signed up with on Mailgun.

That in your configuration file The RECIPIENT_EMAIL should be the one you registered with at Mailgun.

yes bro that solved the problem.
But Error has’nt removed totally:sweat_smile:

now this is the error saying queued.


bro that is not an error its confirmation from Mailgun that the email sending request has been queued that means ready to send an email. Check your Email you would have received the Email regarding Alert!!

And your project is complete now congrats! :wink:

Ohh but i did’nt recieved any mail and tried it many times.It says it’s queued but there wasn’t any response in mail.

I see!!..bro check your SPAM

Yes,It’s in spam.
Damn how stupid am I🥴.

Thanks,Spriyam to Staying with me to find the solution.Have a great day.

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you are not stupid bro! :smile: just a beginner :wink:
I was once too :rofl:

Hey @spriyam095 @vinchurkarsanket608 do we need to change DNS records from website hosting provider to verify the sandbox domain? I received an email from mailgun stating the same. If yes, how to do it?

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No.As Far as it is related with the project of Bolt.You do not need to mess up with DNS records.You just need to verify ur account via mail.that’s it .
Check dashboard for option like Activate or Verify.