Mailgun problem

What should i do now?

use your own email for receiving the message , the email by which you created your maligun account

Hi @adityas0152003

You can add your email address as authorized recipient in mailgun account settings. Follow these steps:

To add authorized recipient, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your mailgun dashboard

  • On the left hand sidebar, click on Sending → Domains

  • You long sandbox url will be displayed under the domains panel. Click on the sandbox url

  • Scroll down and you will get a box to enter the authorized recipient email. Enter that here

If you still face any issues, please feel free to get back to us.

authorized email means the email from which you have created the maligun account right?
I have added the authorized email still same error

Hi @riyazmullaji2003

Please try to run the code on Replit

yep I am running it on replit

Hi @riyazmullaji2003

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to reach out