Make LED flicker

How do I make the LED flicker and not just turn it ON or OFF?A button click should rapidly make the LED flicker and another should turn it OFF

by changing the PWM pin values you can make the led flicker

What exactly do you mean?

in module 3 you have “bolt with pwm” topic in that by changing the values in that program you can make led flicker

That is just modulating the values of brightness of the LED isn’t it?I want to turn it ON and OFF at a constant brightness…like in a loop

oh okay then you can do this be delay operation


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Run the Code

/* LED Blink */
import requests
import time
import json
while True:
r = requests.get('$
r = requests.get('$

Dipendra Chundawat
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No, it may seem like it’s only making it brighter or dimmer. But in reality you making it flicker really really fast.
If you move the LED while it’s in PWM mode, you’ll see what I mean.

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You can also achive the flikering via Bolt APIs. Only change the Sleep value from 1 to something much lesser such as 0.001 etc.

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Using PWM you can do the flickering of the LED.