Missing 3 Female to Male Wire

Hi, My BOLT-IOT kit has missing 3 female-to-male wires. I read a thread that asks us to search youtube videos on how to use it. Could someone share the video link or share a picture of their setup so that I can follow the same steps? Thanks in advance.

Hi @6550 ,

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As we generally ship 3 Male to Male wires along with the kit and all the projects included in the training can be done using the Male to Male wires the only difference is that you have to use the breadboard to connect the sensors to the Bolt Wifi Module rather than connecting it directly to the Bolt Wifi Module

Hi @6550 ,
You can refer to this image.

Hope this helps you.

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Hi. thanks for getting back. I was also able to resolve the issue on my own. Here is a picture of how I sorted it out.

1 To brief the other readers, When you can read LM35 written on the sensor, identify the pins of the sensor as VCC, Output and Gnd from your left to right.
2 VCC pin(1st leg) to 5v
3 Output pin(2nd pin) to AO
4 Gnd to Gnd
5 In the pic shared by me, the part that says the LM35 sensor is not towards the camera( away from the camera).
6 I have used an extra wire to connect the centre leg to AO. The rest is the same.

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