Motor not working when connected to adapter

When I connected my motor with the adapter provided (as instructed) using male to male wires, the motor did not work.

give the connections as per the documentation.


Can you share a pic of the connections that you have made? Make sure connections can be clearly seen in the pic.

There is some faint sound coming from the adapter

Please share the specifications of the adapter you are using

RGB AC adapter
input - 110-220v 50/60Hz
output - 12v DC
This adapter was provided to me in the robotics training kit

Hi @riddhivarshney12,

It is possible that your motor is faulty.

Please take a video while trying to power the motor with your adapter.
Upload the video to google drive (, and create a sharing link for the video.
Make sure that the settings allow anyone with the link to view the video.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Make sure that the settings allow anyone with the link to view the video.

Next email the video link and the link to this forum post to using the email id you used to place your order.

Hi @vinayak.joshi,
This is the link to the video asked

Hi @riddhivarshney12 please do the connections as per circuit diagram make sure u have connected the wires properly in the breadboard

Hi @riddhivarshney12,

Either your adapter or the motors are faulty.
Please write to and ask them to replace your units. If your unit is under warrenty (if you had purchased it wihtin the last 1 year), then they will replace the units.

Please make sure to add a link to this forum post to the email when you send it.

even i am getting the same problem but here one of my motor is working but the other one isnt working
so what should i do to resolve my problem ?