My bolt device is not working

I am facing a problem with my device as both the green and the blue LEDs are not working.
When i first connected it , it was working and i disconnected it after sometime. the next time when i connected it to my PC none of the LEDs blinked and bolt is shown as disconnected in the Boltiot app. What do i do?

Did you touch ESP chip?
Because if you applied pressure on that chip then it may lead to irreparable issue. Handle your bolt module carefully.

Try to resetup your module to internet

I think it has problem with power supply or it might be lose connection with your USB cable change your cable or it can be problem with your laptop port so try with another port.


Did you try using a different cable to power on the device? If possible use a different cable or connect it to any of the mobile charger directly.

Do revert back with the status of both the LED’s after trying the above solution.

Try powering your device with an adapter instead of directly connecting to the laptop