My bolt server response is "You have been rate limited. Try after 5 hours"

Why this type of response has araised? Please help…

you have been rate limited because Blot cloud has provided you with certain limited bandwidth withih which you have to give or take instruction. for example if you are using every 10 seconds gap to get date or provide data then it will not show you any rate limit but if you provide data or get data without any certain gap then you will get rate limit for at-least 6 hrs. To avoid this rate limit you have to subscribe to Bolt Cloud pro so that you could you more bandwidth for processing data without any rate limit. To go Cloud pro you have to subscribe for Rs 50/- per month.
for more assistance use this link-

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How do set it to every 10 seconds gap?

just use time.sleep(10), instead of value less than 10

just use time.sleep(10), instead of a value less than 10 so that we won’t easily exceded from the limited API requests