My first iot project's values

I wanted to know about the LDR sensor, is the maximum value it can display is only 1.02 thousands? or I am not providing more light to the sensor.
Otherwise, it’s working just fine for the lower values

Hi @verma.om003

The maximum value of light is 1.02 thousand. If you want to check it differently, switch off the light and turn on the torch of your mobile and place it you will get different value.

Hey!! The maximum value for the LDR is I suppose is 1.02 thousand. If you are looking forward for a change in number bring a source of light to its face close enough and you can easily notice the change in the readings

yeah the maximum value is nothing but 1.02 thousand only…You can check its minimum range by switching off all the light sources


Can you share the code?

Yes, the maximum value it can reach is 1.02 thousands. It will not change the reading even if you provide more light on it. You can check for lower values in dark.