My open AI credits have expired what should I do?

All my acconuts are 6 months or more old. So all the openai credits of all my accounts have expired…any suggestions how should I proceed further?

Hi @21dcs116

This is due to the open ai credits being exhausted. You need not worry about the issue. We are currently in touch with the openAI team to get this resolved. We are also seeing possible alternative options so that your learning is not affected.It will take us about 2-3 days to get an update on this issue. However rest assured we will ensure that your training is not affected in any way. I will get back to you with an update about. You can also get in touch with me on 9545837126 if you don’t hear back from us in 3 days time.

Hi thanks for replying I hope to hear back from you in 2-3 days thank you