My Ubuntu virtual Machine unable to change to root gid. Ubuntu Virtual Machine does not permit to do policy plugin

my Ubuntu Virtual Machine does not perform the sudo mkdir test command, it displays error message for sudo -i command. I have attach the screen video of the same. how to root the ubuntu virtual machine? do i have to create separately other folder in c: drive. i have attach the screenshot showing location Ubuntu in my c: drive. Pls send me information if you have about the Ubuntu installation and sudo mkdir test command, thanks.

how to root in sudo commands, how to disable the guest account.


For some security reasons sudo, su command is not permitted in guest logins.
If you need to access those commands, you can login as your own user on the TTY, through Ctrl + Alt + F1 or any of the other F# keys up to 6, and login through that, however guest user is locked out of the administrative commands as such.

I hope this would help you.