Mybolt.restart() makes my BoltIot module to forget its network settings

I am running my code on OS version Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, in a virtual box.
import conf
from boltiot import Bolt
api_key = conf.API_KEY
device_id = conf.DEVICE_ID
mybolt = Bolt(api_key, device_id)
response = mybolt.isOnline()
print (response)
#response = mybolt.restart()
#print (response)

Firstly I have checked whether the module is connected to Wi-Fi or not, by using myBolt.isOnline().
The response is true.
Then I ran mybolt.restart() within the same code. The response is also success and returned restarted.

From what I understand, restart() should power off the module and then power on again. But the module never came back online, even after waiting for 5 minutes.

The blue LED was blinking slowly after restart, which means the device has forgot its Wi-Fi credentials.

Is restart() supposed to factory reset the module or else simply power off and then on it again? It should not reset the wifi settings. Only restart the module. If you power of and power on the Bolt manually by disconnecting and reconnecting the usb cable after running the restart API, does it automatically connect back to your wifi network?

Yes, I tried doing the same, disconnecting and reconnecting the cable. The blue LED remained blinking slowly. I have waited for 5-7 mins. Then, I had to reconfigure the Wi-Fi settings to bring the device back online. Noted. We will check it out from our side as well and update you.

Yes same thing happen with me so I reconfigure my BOLT device with the app and reconnect to the hotspot .