New Python learning tool

Also, we are working on a new Python learning tool. Can you give it a try and share some feedback?

Click here to access:

This is in Beta Phase. Do let us know your suggestions.

If you included functions like double quote closure and automatic bracket closing, it might be fantastic.

Thank you for the suggestion @kandeharshavardhan

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Yah it’s good. It takes less time to compile. But the barckets are closing automatically and the double quotes also

It compiles the program very fast. Will be quiet useful for me.

I feel its really wonderful as its consists informative videos , with so much content which helps even the beginners to understands how programming is actually fun to do .I really hope this should get a lot of support .I am really satisfied with this learning tool

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Thank you! We will be adding more videos soon. The next step is to add videos in Hindi!

The automatic double quotes and closing brackets are still a problem for me. Can You help me if you have changed any of the settings

@kandeharshavardhan The python IDE integrated into the Bolt Cloud does not have that feature yet. But thanks for the suggestion. We will be improving the experience over time.

Here are things that i think would be great if they are included:

  1. Button for light and dark mode
  2. Bigger size of output box or that could be inside the code box and an option to open and close the output box
  3. Option to show some basic examples and their functioning
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Thanks @yaswanthreddypalle We shall consider your suggestions. :slight_smile:

Hi All,

We have finally rolled out the following updates on the Python IDE:

  1. Language support in English, Hindi, and Marathi.
  2. Clear History every time we run the code
  3. Auto-stop the video once you move to the next one.
  4. WhatsApp share at the end of the videos to share with your friends.

Do visit Bolt Cloud and try these out and let us know your suggestions.

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it was good but if it has keyword sugession/prediction it would be great

This IDE is also well provided by BOLT IOT, Also you can use another online IDE which is repelit.