New to the training, having issue in connecting

I am new to the training.
I have powered on my device and the blue led starts blinking. I have used my laptop and my android charger for the power-up process. I have downloaded the Bolt IoT app and followed the setup process on my mobile. How to connect with another phone and my phone, how is all that done???

explain your problem in right manner

You can connect it with the phone that you have installed the Bolt IOT application…

Hi @sur.sharma0197,

Please check this video for setting up your Bolt device.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance,

First you have to turn on your mobile WiFi and connect it through hotspot from another mobile if you don’t have a broadband and once you connect it then LEDs become stable. If you want to use another device data then you have to click on add device again in your app and follow same steps to change the WiFi connection device
I hope this helps you

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