No access from iPhone Safari to<devicename>

When I try to access my programmed .html page like

from my iPhone X in Safari or Chrome I get this page:

But here I cannot login with username + password. On Mac Safari + Chome and Windows Chrome this works just fine.

How can I access the page from my iPhone then?

Hi @stefan ,

Currently, the Bolt Cloud pages for the programmed HTML pages are not mobile optimised. Due to this the user experience is not very smooth. Hence we have blocked the access via the mobile browser.

We are not looking to optimise the pages for the mobile browsers. Instead, we will be making it a feature of the Bolt IoT mobile apps to access the programmed pages in the first quarter of 2019.

In the meantime, however, our team is also working on building a project that can demonstrate how you can control your Bolt on the mobile phones using Bubble. Bubble allows you to build apps visually, without requiring any code. I shall share the project with you in a couple of weeks once it is ready.

Dear prunav,

thanks for your clear opinion on this. But I have a different perspective.

The .hmtl file is in the responsibility of the programmer and not Bolt IoT. That means, if the page does not look nice it is not Bolt IoT problem :wink: And in my case the page is so simple it will work on any device and screen.

If you could simply allow the access to the page I cloud motivate my son to write some html-code that looks nice on desktop and mobile - just an educational motivator…

Cheers, Stefan

Hi Stefan,

Our concern has been with the overall experience of using the Bolt Cloud on mobile phones e.g. some of the users trying to code on the mobile phone. The IDE is currently not designed for mobile.

However, I do understand that you are looking at accessing only the final HTML page. As you rightly mentioned, since the HTML page is designed by the users, they have the control over how the page should look. We shall give this suggestion a thought whether we should make the HTML pages accessible on mobile and post a reply here soon.

Meanwhile, could you share about the project you are building? Mainly I want to know if it uses an output device or an input device. I could suggest possible ways to access your page via mobile based on this.

The access from the safari browser to the cloud boltiot is not happening and the issue is also happening with most of the users. I have also faced that as the access to the iTunes was disabled and I got iTunes error 9 while doing the process.

@tommyshelby1221, Can you please sign in to via Safari and then try to visit the link to control your Bolt device?

Try using chrome broswer with desktop mode.:blush: