No study blue lighr or green light after conncction

i am able to connect my bolt wifi module to the wifi and stuck the below position .please tell me how to proceed further in this reguard.

Connect to save WiFi or connect to a other network

Try again and follow the instructions the last step you will have to turn on your internet and hotspot if you plan to use your mobile data.

Try once again according to instruction first connect to bolt Wi-Fi, if you are not finding option for connecting to bolt Wi-Fi then click on search more in your Wi-Fi settings and connect . After connecting to Wi-Fi blue led will start glowing and then you need to turn on your mobile data and hotspot then your green led will start glowing.

i plan on using my wifi .

Try switching off Mobile Data and doing because mine wouldn’t connect till then also follow steps correctly and don’t apply much pressure on hardware while pulling the pin in and out.