Non functioning of led and buzzer after its restarted

I am unable to light the LED as it says you need to upload the .htm file that I have done than it asks to restart but it always displays the message that bolt is restarting and after that i have entered the bolt IP address in new tab it doesnt shows the output to the html; code and therefore the led cant be switched on or off

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Make sure that your BOLT and computer (or mobile) is connected to the same internet network .

In case , if you have already did it , then I would like to suggest you to follow the following step by step procedure for LED controller very carefully and accurately.

I had done the same and got the output when I was new to BOLT .

Good luck !

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Check that the code that you have copied is correct, the ip address is coorrect and that you have saved the file as index.htm. By saving it with some another name you will not be able to get it to work.
For detailed info visit (Module 2 / LED)