Not able to access the bolt cloud though my PC

Sir, i setup the bold wi-

fi module using the bolt iot android app by using my own phones hotspot. I opened the bolt cloud and logined successfully by going on the link https// The bolt cloud dashboard appeared successfully on my phones browse but now when i am trying to open the cloud on my desktop, it is not opening and showing the screen i have attached every time i log in. Please help me.

are you logged in the same account on PC which you used when you set up the network on the phone?

Did you link the device with the same network your pc is using?

I would advise you to log out from your phone by using the power button in the top right corner of the BOLT app, and again try logging in to the BOLT cloud through your pc ( Also make sure to use the same credentials on both the platforms.

Kudos, eager to hear from you again

yes i am logging in with same account and using the same network i.e my phone`s hotspot to connect the modules as well my PC.

Sir i did as you instructed but it didn`t worked. My PC is again showing the same screen.
What should i do now?
NOTE;- I am using same nettwork for my phone , PC as well as for setting up the module.

Hi @singhankit1582,

Open the Bolt Cloud in chrome (in full screen mode) and then it will work.

Do let me in case you need any other information.

hey there, i changed my screen resolution and it worked.
thanks for the support…