Not able to add image in html file

I am not able to add image in html file and I did same as in video please look into and help as soon as possible.
I am enclosing with photo of issue


@abdulkhadir1106 Here is the code for adding image to HTML file:

Learning HTML

where ‘rea’ is image name and .jpg is its file type
Before typing this code,you need to copy paste the image to that folder where you have saved all your html file

Here, I have saved all my HTML files under Coffe shop folder.So,you need to paste the image in this folder to get desired output.

Code for inserting image

Hi @abdulkhadir1106,

I have answered this query in some other thread. Please refer to Still not getting after doing correct coding for image - #2 by shobhit.kumawat.

I request to avoid creating a new thread every time. You could reply to the same thread instead.

Thankyou problem solved