Not able to connect module to cloud due to network change

My bolt module id is - BOLT14858733
I cant connect bolt iot module with bolt cloud app. My network router has been changed since the last time i configured.
Please help.

Hi @shawrajdeep00

You can click on add device on the bolt App and follow the same steps you followed previously while setting up the device. After the setup is complete both the LEDs blue and green have to be stable.

Do try this and let us know. If you still face any issue, please feel free to get back to us.

Hi Sneharsh, i regret to inform you, the approach did not work. I tried this several times but getting the following outputs, as you can see the attachment. The bolt module is getting connected with my mobile device, but i am getting no internet access in the module.

I think deleting the module somehow from the cloud app, or rebooting it and then reconfiguring might help. What do you suggest? Please help.

Please refer to the attachment.

Hi @shawrajdeep00 I think I can help here…So right now when you are seeing your bolt device I am assuming only blue light must be blinking slowly… Firstly click on add new device in bolt cloud mobile app then you have to connect your phone wifi with BOLT XXXXXX…if it shows denied access forget the device in the wifi settings of your phone and then reconnect with password provided…and then follow the steps instructed thereafter…
Happy to help (:

I have tried this approach for a while now, but it is still not working.
Please check the following screen recording and inform me please if anything is wrong. -

Also, please suggest more what I can do from my side.

Hi @shawrajdeep00

Can you tell me the status of the Bolt wifi module after you have connected to it to your wifi router? Ideally both the Green and Blue LED should be stable and the device should show as online in the Bolt App

Do try this and let me know the status.

Hi @sneharsh.kerkar @vatsal.agarwal_cs23 I just wanted to report that, my issue got solved when I connected my module with a mobile hotspot. It got paired and dissolved all the other problems of connection I was facing. Thank you very much for your response.