Not able to connect wifi module to mobile app

I am not able to connect my wifi modue to mobile app please help. As soon as I connect the module to cloud there will be green LED on and device will not appear in my phone.

@rajatkoorse.rk please try restarting the device

Can you tell how to restart bolt wifi module?

Solved after using hotspot thank you @buddepu6026

@rajatkoorse.rk is the issue completely resolved? Is there anything else you need help with?

Follow the following steps it will be solved.
1)Off the wifi router which you have connected it to before and the bolt module.
2)forget the details of the wifi network in your phone. Your phone should not be connected to any wifi or it should not have any remember and password of the wifi in near by locations.
3)Then reinstall bolt iot app login to app using internet of mobile data.
4)on the bolt module.
5)off mobile data and connect to the boltmodule’s hotspot.
6)then follow the steps shown in the module.
7)now on your wifi router and select it in the bolt iot app and connect the same wifi to your phone.

the problem will be solved.

First of all, Relax. It is a very common problem faced by the user, rather I would say one of the easiest hurdles. Just follow this step to rectify it and set up your Wi-Fi module rightly-
1)uninstall the Bolt app, and re-install it.
2)Reboot your mobile phone
3)Start your mobile data, Mobile Hotspot and Mobile Wi-Fi
4)Power your Wi-Fi module
5)Add your wi-fi module on Bolt app.

Hurray! You are ready to use now