Not able to connect with cloud

I cannot connect my Wifi module with cloud.Actually after restarting the device for carrying out task described in Bolt python library, green light in my module is not blinking.What to do?

Hii @revathyanu02
If your green led is turning off ,then the bolt device mentions that your internet is very low.
Check your internet speed OR else connect to another wifi which has high internet speed.
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i also had the same problem ,just do the wifi module set up again.

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I also faced the same problem,just unlink all your product from the device and just try to do the steps.
turn on your wifi module, turn off mobile data,open bolt app , and try connecting your wifi module once again.

If your Green light is not stable it means your module is not connected to cloud .
Their can be two problems either your internet connectivity slow or else you have unlinked your module ,
solution for both of the above problems are :
Connect your module to another strong connectivity Wi-Fi or your mobile data hotspot or
Try re connecting your module by redoing all the steps again .

First check that green led is on or off. If green led is off, then module is not connected to cloud. So, there is a problem of your internet connection is slow, or you have unlinked your module.
Solution for this problem is: Connect your module to another high speed Wi-Fi connection, Or your mobile hotspot.