Not able to find the sender email in mailgun

I am not able to find the sender email in mailgun. Please help!!!
Please tell me the path

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Hello @dheerajswaroop15
there you see your domain “sandbox2401bc15578**********”
this is your SANDBOX_URL
and your SANDER_EMAIL is = test@ SANDBOX_URL
so your SANDBOX_EMAIL = ‘test@sandbox2401bc15578**********’
Hope this information is useful for you. :+1:


Hi @dheerajswaroop15
You can see your domain at the top of the page. If you add any text or words followed by ‘@’ symbol before the domain name, it becomes your sender mail id. It is not necessary that you have to specify ‘test’ before ‘@’.
You can specify any text before the ‘@’ symbol.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Your Sender Email is- test@Your SANDBOX URL.