Not able to remove USB pin

I’m not able to remove USB pin from wifi module

Well the pin is little bit tight, but you can remove it with slight pressure and not harming the module.

Apply some more force but hold the module in a proper way such that it does not lead to any harm even if you apply force.

Tried so many times.if I apply More pressure than it I’ll affect the module

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As it affects module then it’s better to use your module without removing the USB cable instead you remove the connection with adapter when your not working on it. I think this will not lead to any problem because every time when use the module you will surely need the power connection through USB. There is no point of working without USB so let’s leave it with the USB cable.


try to hold the module by sides and then steadily pull the usb cable

Hold the wifi module steadily and now try pulling out the USB cable while moving it sidewards(slightly right and left)

Hold the two diagonals of the wifi module and pull the USB out. If still you cant remove it don’t worry then you need to keep the device in a safe place where it doesn’t get harmed and use it by just connecting/disconnecting from the adopter as and when required.
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hope it helps…

Even i faced the same problem of this kind.
Since the USB cable they have sent is new the fit between the bolt module and the pin is too tight so pull the USB pin carefully by pulling it sideways slowly with light pressure by holding the bolt module’s tips. Again don’t use the USB which they have sent instead use some other mobile charger cable to avoid this type of difficulty.