Not able to setup boltiot python library in ubuntu

I am not able to setup bolt python library into ubuntu. After update the package on ubuntu-(sudo apt-get -y update) and then install python3 pip3 library-(sudo apt install python3-pip)
-----when i proceeds to installing boltiot library using pip (sudo pip3 install boltiot)
this message pop ups(attached)

your upgrade requirement is already satisfied it is common to get pip upgrade message you can ignore it.

check in this lecture for this.

@kumarabhayb14 -Try sudo apt-get update or sudo apt-get upgrade

@kumarabhayb14 - its only a warning message that is displayed ,surpassing such warning wont make your bolt python library inaccesable. Just ignore it.
Always remember in cmd the warnings in yellow font can be ignored , but errors displayed in red font are the ones needed to resolve for furthur usage of that package installation.
Thank you. :slight_smile: