Not Able to sign up into DigitalOcean

I’m not able to sign into DigitalOcean even after using an international card. It is showing that my card doesn’t support that kind of purchase.
I cannot use the two alternative methods either as my laptop does not have a 2 GHz Dual Core CPU.
What should I do?

As your laptop configuration does not support, you have to try using another card!

I have tried with 3-4 cards but none of them are working.

I used hdfc card, it worked for the first time.

could you try using hdfc card?

I don’t have an hdfc card either.

I think there is some issue with your bank ( as you can’t purchase even with the international card). In order to save your time, I would suggest you go for the 1st alternative presented in the training ie install ubuntu and Virtual Machine software. All the links are given below. NOTE- Of the 2 alternatives presented, this one uses least amount of data in Mb.
VMWare Download link -

Ubuntu Server ISO link -

Hello There.
Try sign up using SBI credit card.
And after creating Droplet on digital ocean
and download PUTTY here:
it will give access to use Ubuntu server associated with digital ocean.

I tried but my laptop configuration doesn’t support it.

try 32-bit PUTTY setup!

Once you’ve created account on digital ocean, you’ll receive mail by digital ocean which contains information of
Copy that ip address & paste it on putty 32-bit or 64-bit Host name & click on OPEN. Keep other data as it is.

@devanas403 In this case, since your laptop won’t support the VM, try writing to Digital Ocean support or your bank asking if international payments are available for your card.

BTW, is your card a Visa/Mastercard/Rupay or any other type of card?

I tried using an SBI and a visa card

@devanas403 Then the only option remaining is to write to Digital Ocean or use an alternative like Amazon Web Services.

Okay. Thank you for your help.

Due to these issues, I am using DigitalOcean WordPress on a managed hosting platform, It works fine and spending is also on a monthly or hourly basis. I am using Bolt with WordPress and installing on a managed platform is much easier.