Not able to submit the project documentation on blot cloud

I would like to inform you that I was not able to log in bolt cloud project documentation site as its asking the login details I entered and then a pop up comes up invalid username but I used the same details for login in cloud and training platform .Sir I want to give the final test so that I can get the certificate in which it asked the project documentation link but its not accepting the login details and I need to submit a certificate to college please provide some help or alternate way

can I document my project on hacsterio and submit its link instead of documenting on bolt cloud project ?


I’ll confirm and update you regarding this.

Sir have you got any lead in this above matter ?


Apology for the delay. You can make a PDF of the Project documentation with all the details of your Project and Steps on how you built it. You can also put the images and videos in the same folder, and share a Link of the Drive folder (Documentation and extra assets) during the examination.

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Thank you so much sir