Not connecting to the ios device

I have writting this post to help me out of this problem.when there is power supply to boltiot the blue light is blinking very slow and my ios device wifi is connected to boltiot than indicate that the blue light is blinking very fast but in app of boltiot the pop is Not Connected make sure your device is connected to BOLT hotspot,testing BOLT connection.please wait… what to do???

turn on location of your mob phone

Hi there!. Please check your wifi / hotspot network settings. It happens that the device is more likely to connect to 2.5Ghz. Under the wifi settings, change the settings to auto mode so that the device can scan for all available networks in 2.5GHz or 5GHz. You might also want to set the location to high accuracy mode. Make sure that you grand the app the permission to change the wifi settings. Rest all the procedures are easy to follow. Do reply if you face anymore issue. :slight_smile:

it is ON from starting

Not Connected
Make sure your device is connected to BOLT hotspot
Testing BOLT Connection.Please wait
this is the problem i am faceing with.
my ios device is connected to Bolt hotspot but is app above problem is showing in my screen.
what to do???
please help me out of the problem.
so that i can continue with my training.
please solve this problem.

this is problem i am facing

the LED is glowing very fast that indicate that my ios device is connected then also it is the same problem.

It happens that the device just loose the connection from your bolt device as the bolt device does not provide internet connectivity. You will have to turn off the wifi assistant of your phone who will automatically try to connect to the next best internet connectivity. Ensure that you transmit / search only 2.4Ghz signals. Make sure that no-one else is trying to connect to the same bolt device. Turn off the mobile data and wifi of your phone. After powering up the bolt device, open the app. Let the app make necessary wifi connections. You may have to wait a bit longer to let the app connect your phone to bolt device. Rest, move through steps listed in the app. That should do all the connection.

Hi @abishkarsingh17.

Apologies for the inconvenience, Actually there is some issue with our Bolt IoT setup app for iOS and we are working on it to fix the issue. Can you please try doing the setup from Android phone ?

I have try with Android phone it is working

If the problem continues then switch off the phone and restart it, try opening and closing the wifi button so that it refreshes. Even then if it continues then check your wifi and repair it

Hey guys, even I faced same issue but now I could able to connect to cloud by following below steps:

  1. Connect your bolt wifi to your desktop (use default credential from app “bolt1234” to connect to bolt wifi)

  2. Go to Bolt properties and note down bolt DNS IP address

  3. Run the below link in your browser:
    “Your bolt DNS IP address”/wifisetup?ssid=“your wifi name to connect to Internet”&password=“wifi Internet password”

Replace “contents” with your bolt DNS IP address, wifi credentials…

Hope this helps to connect your bolt to cloud using your internet over wifi ?

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